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SECUPENT has been providing cyber security service and exploit development successfully with a highly experienced robust team since its inception and only one in local market. Here we put our limelight on quality assurance within binding time according to the taste of our valued clients. We meet all of your security demand, provide you protection from your future threats and Restore your system from any security disaster. Every business entity wants to cut cost as low as possible keeping the expected quality at least. Bearing the Total Quality Management in mind, SECUPENT delivers the most accurate, complete and cost-effective website security solution available today. When most of the companies concentrate on protecting their networks, websites remain unprotected without defense and fall prey to the attack of cyber criminals. Consequently, the ramifications can be Leakage of data, Malware infection, Loss of consumer, fall of market share, failure to meet regulatory & clients’ requirements etc. The truth is once affected, no company can afford to erase the black mark of a website attack overnight. SECUPENT provides many kinds of security solutions for Web and Network system. For example, our service encompasses Malware Analysis, Website Penetration test, Vulnerability Patching, Security Monitoring, Exploit development, software testing, CMS Penetration test, Cloud System Penetration test including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS platform, SAP Penetration test, Custom ERP Solution Penetration test, DDOS and DOS protection and many more. We provide our services on your demand. So, place your Order, sit back and relax because prevention is better than cure!!!

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