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WordPres, Joomla, Drupal,  Magneto are most popular content management system in this time. Because of easy customization and user friendly user interface.   And also they are also most targeted application by Hackers. Hundreds of thousands of joomla, wordpress site are hacked, compromised, defaced, data leaked by attackers (Mostly known as hackers).
Over 100,000 WordPres sites were infected with malicious malware, reminding everyone just how vulnerable they were. WordPress’ popularity means that it’s one of the easiest to use content managers around, but it also makes it very appealing to hackers and spammers.

You have to believe that many of CMS’s is not secure by itself. Many website has been compromised by their own core exploits. 

So it is prove that it’s not only your or wordpress fault for causing hack attack. It can be your extra plugins, Themes or your hosting company even if you using VPS.

So that’s the reason why we start this service. Now you must think what SECUPENT will do in that case? And The Answer is, ” We just a team who are always serious about security. After giving us your contact the word Security is our headache.

National Vulnerability Database 3-year Totals

  • Full Penetration Test report
  • Discover all risk of your CMS
  • Automated tools scanning
  • Manual penetration testing
  • Remove backdoor, Google Blacklist, Shell, and Malware etc. from your CMS.
  • Clean malicious code.
  • Check all of known vulnerability line by line of your code, such as: SQL Injection, XSS, LFI, CSRF, RCC etc.
  • Any new updated vulnerability report for core cms or plugins.
  • Premium support (24×7/365 Days our support teams are awake for you!)
  • Scan content and bad URLs and perimeters.
  • Brute-force and DDOS attack.
  • Monitor DNS
  • On demand Patch Management Solution