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Many of organization using Cloud platform for their business. This is very latest and better technology today’s world. But bad thing is There are many security issue associated with Cloud Technology  cloud computing poses several data protection risks for cloud customers and providers. In some cases, it may be difficult for the cloud customer (in its role as data controller) to effectively check the data handling practices of the cloud provider and thus to be sure that the data is handled in a lawful way. This problem is exacerbated in cases of multiple transfers of data, e.g., between federated clouds. On the other hand, some cloud providers do provide information on their data handling practices. Some also offer certification summaries on their data processing and data security activities and the data controls they have in place, e.g., SAS70 certification.


What we cover: 

  • SaaS pentesting
  • Pass Pentesting
  • Laas pentesting
  • AWS Optimizing
  • Cloud Data Security
  • Checking failure of mechanism
  • Management interface
  • Data protection
  • Application System Scaling.
  • Finding Insecure or incomplete data and notify them.
  • Testing Malicious code or script.
  • And your own security expectation.  
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) penetration testing service
  • Platform as a Service (PasS) penetration testing service
  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) penetration testing service
  • Cloud ERP Security Solution
  • AWS Optimizing
  • Application System Scaling
  • Cloud Data Security and Data Protection
  • Checking failure of mechanism
  • Port Scan and vulnerability detection
  • CVE, OSVDB SCAN and Details.
  • And your own security demand.