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We are a company made of innovative professionals.

Aim to secure the modern internet.


Secupent is a cyber security company rising from Bangladesh. Secupent had aim to complete all of your security Demand. There are a highly talented team work on it. Each member of secupent had highly professional working experience.   Secupent give you protection from your future threats and Restore your system from any security disaster. Secupent delivers the most accurate, complete and cost-effective website security solutions available today. While most of the companies do a very good job of protecting their networks, websites have emerged as the number one target for attacks. And the ramifications can be Loss of data, Malware infection, Loss of consumer confidence, failure to meet regulatory & clients’ requirements. The truth is no company can afford the black mark of a website attack. Secupent provides many kind of security solutions for web and network system. Some of our services encompass malware analysis, website penetration testing, network penetration testing, vulnerability management, Security Monitoring, exploit development, software testing, CMS security, cloud computing including PaaS, IaaS platform, SAP security, Custom ERP Solution security, DDoS and dos protection, research & development etc. We provide our services on your system demand. So Just order and sit back because the next step is ours!!


Today’s Hi-tech world is getting more complicated day by day along with the growing demand. The world has turned into a global village where communication system came to second’s distance. Now-a-days Cyber Security is a major issue around the world while surfing internet and communicating and storing sensitive data. Almost every business organization, from sole trading to companies, is transforming to the digital mode for running their activities. Secupent holds the motto to create a risk free Cyber World and reach cost-effective enhanced cyber security service to the doorstep of every business sector. We concentrate on Total Quality Management, protect critical infrastructure against growing and evolving cyber threats and minimize the business risk of our valued clients. We will continue to be a company that evolves of its own discretion by constructing an organization that flexibly adapts to changes in the operating environment and incorporates corporate Ingenuity and Self-transformation as part of its organ. We ensure that our company recognizes its social responsibilities as a member of society, while fulfilling the demands of its stakeholders, contributing to the betterment of society.