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What is exploit? 

Exploit is some kind of script for take advantage of vulnerability. Some people find vulnerabilities in random or targeted software then they are develop exploit for attack! Although everyone is not use exploit for attacking or bad use. There are some good people around us! Even law enforce team need that for their work. We have an professional and trusted exploit development team, everyday they are discovering new vulnerabilities.


How is works?

At 1st We will Sign contract Paper. We don’t sell exploits for any crime work. We will only sell exploits to authorized and trusted people. After Signing Contract We will show you demo. If you like that then you can buy exploit from us. We normally use for payment.

  • Zero-day and Non Zero-day (one-day) exploit development Service.
  • On Demand exploit development service.
  • General Agreement and Non-disclosure Agreement basis exploit Service.
  • We already have the availability of many Zero-day and Non Zero-day (one-day) both kinds of exploits.
  • Remote, Local web apps Exploit development service.