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Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions we face from our customer!

1. What is your costing for security system in my website and network?

Our penetration testing pricing is maximum time custom. Maximum time our customers ask for custom build system with different kind of software and infrastructure. That’s the reason we follow custom quotes. 1st we ask customer to about their budget and their system. And then we offer best services and system which is perfect for their budget and system.

2. What is your costing for Penetration Testing?

This is also custom offer. Average Blackbox pentesting budget can be 500 USD to 5000 USD. But we try to give our customer best service in reasonable price. So we offer them a on demand quotes where he can choose his budget and services he need. Everyone’s need is not same so there pricing and budget also not same. That’s the reason we use custom quotes.

3. What you will use for pentest?

We do manual penetration testing. We don’t give you pentest report with automated scanners. Because automated scanners are not good all time. But sometimes they are good and we also check them. So you will get manual report which is tested with our engineers and also with scanners identification. And that will make pentest report more reliable and trusted.

4. Do you have your own exploits?

Yes. We have multiple exploits. You can check in our blog area.

5. Do you support long time in my system?

Yes. And we also give you 1 year guaranty for any kind of security issue in your system

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