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What is Hacker Investigation Toolkit? 

The hacker investigation toolkit is collection of more than 100+ investigation tools and script which is useful for forensic analysier, incident handeler, hackers, penetration testers, cyber investigators, malware analyser and other cyber security researchers. It covers almost every kind of testing from Desktop PC to Server, firwall, browsers, PDF, RAM, Documents, events, and many more. we update all tools every month. All of our customers get all updates via email.

Benefit of  Hacker Investigation Toolkit?

You can get all tools in one package. It’s always updated and many private tools included. Including underground tools which is not easily available.


How pricing will work?

We provide this with yearly subscription. And you will get update every month.


  • Remote webserver and network analysis.
  • All types of licensing tools included.
  • local PC, HDD, desktop, laptop, and mobile analysis.
  • Event analysis
  • RAM Analysis
  • PDF, Doc, Image, Txt Analysis
  • Malware and exploit analysis
  • 0day event analyssis
  • Browsers Analysis
  • Cache analyis
  • History analysis
  • Cookie Analysis
  • Temporary file analysis
  • Encrypted file and code analysis and many more.