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The safety of a service depends on the expertise of the team delivering the service and on the state and stability of the target(s). SECUPENT has special network security team for protecting your Network. All members of the SECUPENT Research Team are certified in Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development.  The purpose of Network Penetration Testing is to identify the presence of points where a threat (defined by the hacker) can align with existing risks for cyber attack. The tests are delivered at root level that are slightly elevated from that which are likely to be faced in the real world (unless reduced by customer requirements). Testing at a lower than realistic threat levels, such as with methodologies that are driven by automation, is ineffective from a true security perspective.


  • We discover known and unknown (Zero-Day) vulnerabilities of your system before someone gets access of it.
  • Our High level Information gathering process which is including past attacks info and info leaks via any blackhat. So if you are already hacked by any blackhats then we can help you.
  • We test all services like DNS, FTP ,Mail server ports, physical system like routers, ip camera, ip telephone etc.
  • Our service also includes Wifi Security and Cloud Penetration Testing.
  • Black box and white box and Grey box testing service.
  • Penetration testing also helps your business to get compliance like PCI DSS, HIPAA and ISO127001.
  • We will give you Highly slandered penetration testing report which  will include all patching process and helpful information.
  • And Good thing is we have our own System Management team, So you can get all in one area.