We are SECUPENT, We Care Assess Protect Your System

SECUPENT is an emerging cyber-security company from Bangladesh with the aim to complete all of your security Demands. With a highly talented team with rich professional experience working on it, SECUPENT is ever vigilant to provide you protection from future threats and recover your system from any security disaster. Providing according your demand, SECUPENT is all you need for all your security solutions.

Our Mission

Providing custom solution with outstanding customer service to secure the modern Internet, which enhances customer’s efficiency and makes it more user-friendly. Provide our customers with superior Cybersecurity software, and services which will enable them to reduce risks and costs, and increase productivity, efficiency and profits.

Our Vision

Demands are ever-growing as today’s Hi-tech world is getting more complicated day by day. The world is now a global village where the communication system is in a second’s distance. SECUPENT holds the motto to create a risk-free Cyber World and reach cost-effective enhanced cyber-security service to the doorstep of every business sector.

Our Goals & Objectives

Aim to contribute to developing sustainable Digital Bangladesh through ensuring Cyber security. With a focus to work on all kinds of technologies and build for the next generation security solutions. As well as focusing on global internet security and next-generation innovations. Create new technology and Innovation for global cyber-security.

Who We Are

SECUPENT is a cyber-security service provider. Established by a group of professionals with vast experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) service, SECUPENT has been providing Cyber Security Services since 2010 to different national and International Companies/ organizations. Today, SECUPENT has become the most dependable service render for both national and international organizations working in the ICT sector. SECUPENT has received numerous Awards from the Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) and Daffodil University as best Startup Company in Bangladesh 2015. It is also remarkable that SECUPENT was selected as Connecting Startup Top-50 winner 2016, which is evaluated by ICT Ministry under the concept Digital Bangladesh. SECUPENT was also as Champions in Basis National ICT Award 2017 for being Best IT Security Company in Bangladesh. SECUPENT also got nominated in GDS Review for the Best Cyber-Security Company in Bangladesh. Recently SECUPENT received the APICTA 2017 2nd Merit Award as Best Security Product (SECUWALL) in the whole Asia Pacific. In 2018 SECUPENT received Info security Global PG award from Silicon Valley.


The best way to stop a hacker is to think and act like a hacker. Our people who are more passionate, loyal, committed and experienced in security, they are good people who know all about the bad things just like an attacker. In short, they are highly skilled ethical hackers and are always one step ahead of malicious attackers.

We care about our clients because trust and commitment hold the key factor in every business relationship. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the boundaries of typical customer service to truly exceed the expectations of those we work with. As their partners, we work hard to help them succeed since the only true measure of our success is their own.