What is Capacity Development

The rapid growth of connectedness in the developing world brings potential benefits as well as risks, as increased dependency leads to greater systemic vulnerabilities. The private sector’s expansion of networks and technological platforms may be faster than the public sector’s capacity to follow up with regulation and safety-standards. Developing countries have been described as “wonderlands” for cybercriminals, and as the internet is expected to double in size every five years a “cybercrime avalanche” is expected to follow. Technological and regulatory loopholes may be exploited by criminals as well as politically motivated actors to conduct Cyber Network Operations (CNO), Cyber Network Exploitation (CNE), or even Cyber Network Attacks (CNA).

Our Programs

Our capacity building and training programs provide:
• Businesses and organizations to strengthen their capabilities to develop, implement and maintain effective IT sector services.
• Guidance and support on preventing and responding to breaches, attacks, and other IT and Cybersecurity emergencies.

Why Us

We at SECUPENT are working tirelessly to build and maintain a strongly secured cyberspace it both our country and abroad. We are doing large scale capacity building projects in the national cyber sector such as PKI, CERT, CA monitoring systems, and WebTrust. We are also providing consultancy to many government-controlled and business organizations. We are also conducting training and educational projects to educate organizations about the importance of cybersecurity and the importance of cybersecurity in any organization.