What is DevSecOps

The application development paradigm for continuous integration and delivery – has become a popular methodology for banks to accelerate delivery of applications in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Now, banks are setting their sights on DevSecOps, which aims to integrate and automate security into the entire testing, development, and delivery process. The benefits of DevSecOps are fairly well understood. When development and operations teams produce iterative changes more frequently, it can reduce software defects and service issues. This is important to all banking services, but even more so in digital banking. Digital-first customers expect not only new and innovative experiences, but also a secure and reliable service, particularly when they do most of their banking on mobile devices. So, how can SECUPENT DevSecOps service help? Customers expect strong security, and that requires taking DevSecOps practices to the next level. Using existing security models and practices, which "bolt on" security at the end stage of development, doesn’t suit an environment that is defined by frequent change across a growing set of digital touch points, thereby creating widening the opportunity for breaches. Hence the need for a delivery process that builds in and automates security from the very start. SECUPENTDevSecOps approach can facilitate this, removing boundaries that previously existed between information security and DevSecOps teams. Rather than treating security as an afterthought delivering a software delivery, it is integrated into the full life cycle.

Benefits of DevSecOps

• Greater speed and agility for security teams
• An ability to respond to change and needs rapidly
• Better collaboration and communication among teams
• More opportunities for automated builds and quality assurance testing
• Early identification of vulnerabilities in code