What Is Red Teaming

A Red Team activity an organization evaluate its security posture, and its ability to protect assets against a persistent and well-engineered attack. The reason for conducting a Red Team activity is to demonstrate how real-world hackers can combine seemingly random exploits to accomplish their goals. Their goal is to act like the adversary and figure out different ways to break into a company so it can strengthen its defenses. A red team considers the full ecosystem. Unlike penetration tests where we solely try to breach a component, red teamers use an arsenal of multiple attack vectors. Ranging from social engineering, weak points in physical locations, external attacks, etc.

Why Do You Need A Red Team Assesment

If you’re a small to midsize businesses, you might think red teaming isn’t for you. “I’m too small to be a target,” you might theorize. But in fact, this is exactly the line of thinking that puts an organization at risk. If you were a bad actor, wouldn’t you want to go after the guy who’d never expect it? While you might think no one would care enough to hack into your company, businesses of all sizes — and individuals — are regularly victimized. And it’s not just about sensitive information. Bad actors are also trying to take over the technologies that power our lives. For instance, they might be looking to access your network to better hide their activities while taking over another system or network somewhere else in the world. Your data doesn’t matter. It’s your computers they want to infect with malicious software so that they add your system to a botnet group. A well-executed red team operation considers the scale of your organization alongside threats in your particular industry to tailor specific tests to perform.

Our Services

• Conduct an assessment of the IT network and infrastructure of your organization.
• Performing a multifaceted attack involving several methods of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing, and network penetration testing, simultaneously.
• Reveal real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or outside attackers to be able to sabotage all aspects of your organization in such a way that enables unauthorized virtual and/or physical access to sensitive information which may lead up to data breaches and full system and network shutdown.
• Determine the scope and severity if the existing vulnerability is exploited and insight on how to mitigate the loss.

Benefits of Red Teaming

• Identify the risk and vulnerability of attack against key business information assets.
• Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of genuine threat actors are effectively simulated in a risk managed and controlled manner.
• Assesses the organization’s ability to locate, react and come up with effective countermeasures against sophisticated and targeted threats.
• Close interaction with internal incident response and blue teams to provide thoughtful reduction and comprehensive post-assessment debrief programs.
• Providing consistent engagements that utilizes threat intelligence.


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